The V³ Cloud Video Platform

The V³ cloud video platform provides a complete solution to upload, manage, publish and measure your video content. You can broadcast live events, upload existing videos and organize & distribute your videos using our intelligent players. iPhones, iPads, Android phones, Android tablets, Windows tablets, all leading browsers and operating systems are automatically recognized and supported. You can then track the efficiency of how your audience use the content for training, marketing, education and special event broadcasts.


  • Cloud Video Library

    Manage Your Content With Point & Click Simplicity
    Whether you have a few videos or thousands of video clips, our online video library makes it easy to sort, manage and organize your entire media library. Upload almost any type of video file, tag it with any information you want, categorize it, generate a thumbnail automatically, put in an expiry date to automatically make the video unavailable beyond a certain time frame and brand your video player. The V³ platform provides everything you need to organize and manage your video library.

  • Intelligent Transcoding

    Automatically Prepare Your Content for All Devices
    Upload your videos to our platform and we will do everything else! The V³ video platform will take your video and automatically determine the appropriate translation into multiple types of videos to support a variety of viewing devices. Simplify your video delivery to your audience and take the work out of determining appropriate video formats for a growing number of mobile devices.

  • Live Video Streaming

    Broadcast Your Events in Real Time
    The V³ platform makes it easy to deliver high-quality live streaming broadcasts to any device or browser. Wow your audience with HD quality live streaming of videos or share your desktop presentation. Our recommended software or hardware encoder vendors provide the source capture integrated with our platform to enable live broadcasting to fit your needs. We have a list of Mac and Windows compatible streaming software, as well as recommended 3rd party hardware video encoders for your use!

  • Mobile Device Support

    Play Your Videos on Any Device
    A growing number of your audience watch videos on mobile devices. We combine intelligent video encoding and smart player designs to simplify your capability to reach your mobile audience. Whether your audience is watching your videos on a computer at home or on the go using a mobile device, they can now get their videos appropriately formatted for their viewing device.

  • Video Players

    Customizable and Intelligent
    Our intelligent players are the final delivery vehicle of your videos. Using technology that automatically detects a viewing device, we match the right video type to a viewing device. Our intelligent players are also easily customizable to support playlist viewing, in-player chatting or access restriction when required. Change your players’ appearance to match your website with point-and-click controls for customizing colors, overhead branding or player appearance. Start streaming fast with our default library of elegant templates for single title and multi-title online video players. Our standard features for all players include volume control, full-screen playback, e-mail s sharing, and auto-start playback.

  • Access Control & Security

    Control Who Sees Your Videos
    Protect your videos from online theft using our standard token authentication, IP domain restriction, geographycontrol or for enhanced security block a range of IP addresses to ensure your content is only accessible from approved IP domains. Our world class video hosting and distribution network on the Akamai and Amazon infrastructure uses the highest security standards to protect your content while in our cloud storage or as it gets delivered to viewers around the world.

  • Social Media

    Interact With Your Audience
    Encourage your audience to share your content with their friends using our social media interaction features with Facebook, Twitter, and e-mail and gain maximum exposure. Your audience can also interact with you during live broadcasts using our audience interaction features.

  • Global Delivery

    Reach Out To The World
    The V³ platform uses Akamai and Amazon’s robust distribution network to deliver your videos anywhere. Utilizing tens of thousands of servers strategically located at various POP points around the world, our technology partners are the premiere distribution experts.

  • Analytics

    Measure Your Content’s Effectiveness
    Generate reports on critical audience metrics including engagement, unique viewers, new viewers, individual viewer stats and geographic distribution of views to measure the effectiveness of your communication. You will also be able to track who watched what videos when you enable our restricted accessing viewing feature.

  • Technology Partners

    At every step of our process, IntelliMedia has carefully selected best-in-class partners to support our solution for live broadcasting, content management, global distribution and storage needs. Proven solutions from Akamai™, Amazon™, Telestream™, and Wowza™ are utilized to provide you a solution that can accommodate your needs for security, reliability and scale.



Connect with your viewers wherever they are, on computer, mobile, set-top box or TV.



Platform offers dynamic streaming technologies to provide high quality videos sensing currently
available bandwidth.



Live events such as corporate communications, training sessions, seminars, sports or any of your
events can now be broadcast as live or offered as on-demand after the live broadcast.



Integrated hardware/software encoding solution greatly simplifies event broadcasting.



V³ offers both controlled and viral syndication to help you reach the broadest audience possible.



Web 2.0 features enable viewers to engage and get immersed with your brand.



Flexible monetization rules engine to generate revenues from your content based on advertising,
pay-per-view or subscription.



Integration with world-class content distribution networks with the ability to scale up to high
viewer numbers.



V³ provides a comprehensive cloud-based digital asset library management system rich with



V³ platform supports .H264, Flash, HTML5, QuickTime, Silverlight, and Windows Media content



Our comprehensive media player framework enables users to create dynamic media players and
media portals. The V³ platform also supports end-to-end creation, management and delivery of
Live and On-Demand webinars.



Integrated advanced semantic search technology helps your consumers search and aggregate
contextually relevant videos.


Fast time to market
No capital expense
Provide video content in your brand’s player
Reach worldwide audience
Enable acceleration of new business models
Earn revenue through your content



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Teodros Gessesse

CEO / Co-founder

Teodros has a track record of growing and managing technology based firms in the software and marketing industries. Teodros specializes in enterprise grade application platform development for content delivery. His experience includes managing SaaS and software product lines at VBrick Systems, social video distribution product management at Videoshare and innovative marketing tools development at Sybase and Kanda Interactive. Teodros has developed business relationships and integrated solutions with technology partners including Adobe, Akamai, PayTech, EMC, Telestream, Microsoft and Apple focusing on products in the financial, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, media, government, and higher education markets. Teodros is also co-founder at mobile streaming startup LiveFrom.Me.

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Darshan Sedani

COO / Co-founder

Darshan is a technologist and professional entrepreneur with over 18 years of experience in online media technologies. As the COO and Co-founder, Darshan is responsible for delivering best-in-class enterprise level online media solutions worldwide. Earlier, Darshan worked as a senior executive for California based MonetizeMedia and Koyo Graphic international driving their technology expansion and building online media delivery SaaS platform. His project portfolio includes impressive clientele like NASA, Bandai Inc., Citizen, Pioneer, Vodafone , Disney , Vbrick , FIFA, ICC Cricket world cup etc. Darshan is also a co-founder at LiveFrom.Me, Inc. a mobile application for live video streaming on social media platforms.

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